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Giving Day, 24 hours around the world, a cause is waiting to be energized by the power of collective giving. Powered by you!

 Powered by You

Collective giving creates a circle of support and momentum of change that goes beyond our campus' borders, into the local community, and out into the world.

 Making a Change

We ignite change with every gift, regardless of size, and help fuel social change and make the world a better place.


Supported programs like Ustart, a Miami Herbert summer residential program that provides experiential learning opportunities and pitch competition to future entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups, furthering their knowledge in the field.

Provided students like Erika, one of 23 students to receive a ’Canes Community Scholarship last year, with extra funds to pursue a degree at the U and create a network of support in the Los Angeles area.

Helped students like Derryl to get an internship at ESPN in Connecticut, where he gained valuable experience in communication.

Directly supported 400+ student-athletes to succeed both on the field and in the classroom.

Provided students like Victor the opportunity to serve as a Community Justice Project HOPE Fellow with the School of Law, where he, along with nationwide lawyers, tackled housing disparities, racial injustice, and other issues affecting marginalized communities.

Helped medical students like Elie, a John K. Robinson Endowed Scholarship Recipient, with the opportunity to move from Cameroon to Miami and learn how to be a physician.



The Richter Library Fund received over $9,700 in donations during Giving Day. The gifts supported the simultaneous translation of the Hemispheric University Consortium (HUC) Library Networks "Conversation Series," which helped to build a network supporting the HUC research and teaching agenda.

Giving Day helped the College of Arts & Sciences increase funds by 72% over the previous year, supporting initiatives across the College, including Women in Mathematics, scholarships, creative writing, and undergraduate research.

The Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science’s Rescue a Reef program raised $11,000 during Giving Day, which helped expand its coral reef research and restoration. It also supported the education program by bringing together restoration scientists, students, and U.S. military veterans to restore our depleted reefs, foster student engagement, develop leadership skills, and provide experiential learning opportunities.

Giving the opportunity for high-quality education can be life-changing. Dollars raised on Giving Day to the Travis Quinn Opportunity Scholarship Fund helped the Frost School of Music reach more talented and deserving students. The scholarship helps keep Travis’ memory alive and supports incredible musicians who want to pursue a career in music at Frost.