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At the University of Miami, we are all about #OneDayOneU

‘Canes, prepare to ignite the energy of collective giving and be ready to support the U on Wednesday, October 12, during our fourth annual Giving Day powered by YOU.

What is One Day, One U?

Each fall, ‘Canes from all around the world come together for 24-hours of giving back. This day is powered by you and your passion for the university. Together, we make a difference.

On Giving Day 2021, our community raised an incredible $1,229,705 through 2,747 gifts! As we get ready for Giving Day 2022, you will power us forward.

 'Canes, save the date so we can count on YOU and our global 'Canes Community to support your favorite school, college, program, and cause.                                           

Spread the word about Giving Day ahead of October 12, and encourage other  'Canes to join the fun!                                                                                                                                                        

 Collective giving powered by you creates a   circle of support and momentum of change   that goes beyond our campus' borders, into   the local community, and out into the world.