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Get Involved and Spread the Word

Spread the word about Giving Day and encourage other 'Canes to join the fun!

Thank you for choosing to promote One Day, One U by sharing branded content on social media and encouraging family and friends to participate on Giving Day. Let your followers know that this October 12, we need all 'Canes to come together in support of the U! A gift of any size to any department, school, organization, and more makes a difference.


Hashtag for all platforms: #OneDayOneU                             

Website: givingday.miami.edu


Get your Giving Day Ambassador link and track how much you have helped raise. With our YOU+2 incentive, ambassadors who make a gift through their links and encourage two or more 'Canes to give will receive a cap or a waffle maker as a thank you gift while supplies last. Follow your progress on the Ambassador leaderboard and access the Ambassador toolkit below!

Questions? Reach out to us at philanthropicgiving@miami.edu.  


What is the University of Miami Giving Day? One Day One U Giving Day is a 24-hour fundraising event for the University. On this day, students, faculty, staff, parents, friends, and ’Canes around the globe come together to make a difference for the University of Miami and the world.

What is the goal? ’Canes who join Giving Day have the chance to support our students, schools and colleges, campus programs, medical research, and the greater community. Our goal is to secure 3,000 donors between 12:00 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. EST on October 12.

I can only make a small gift, is it worth it to the University? Absolutely! No matter the size of your gift, your participation directly impacts our students and the greater community. One Day One U is about having 'Canes come together and gifts of all sizes collectively make a difference.


As a #OneDayOneU ambassador, we encourage you to leverage our @um_alumni content or the outlined content below on your social media channels. Images are available for download at the bottom of this page. Please also remember when posting on Instagram, always use the phrase "link in bio" in lieu of an actual link.

Create your content, share @um_alumni content, or use the sample posts below.


Mark your calendars: Giving Day is almost here! 🙌 Join me and fellow @um_alumni on October 12th for #OneDayOneU and help make the future of our 'Canes brighter than ever before! ☀️ Learn more at givingday.miami.edu.

Save the date: October 12th is Giving Day at the @univmiami! 🙌 Show your 'Canes spirit by making a positive impact on the lives of students. A gift of any size can make a BIG difference. 🧡💚 Learn more about how you can get involved here.


Ready to make a difference in the lives of @univmiami students? 🧡💚 Join me in supporting our fellow 'Canes on October 12th for #OneDayOneU. Choose ANY program you are passionate about and give back. #OneDayOneU is powered by U! 🙌 Learn more here.

The countdown begins! I will be joining my fellow 'Canes and @um_alumni in making a transformative impact in the lives of @univmiami students for #OneDayOneU on October 12th! 🙌 Will you? Learn more here.


I gave to [_School/area_]  for #OneDayOneU! Now it is your turn to show your 'Canes pride.  🙌 Your donation today helps empower the future of our @univimiami students. Donate to any cause you are passionate about and make a positive impact. 🧡💚 Donate here.

It's time for #OneDayOneU! 🙌 I gave to [_____] (e.g., @frostschoolum, The General Scholarship Fund, etc.) in support of my fellow 'Canes and the future of the @univmiami. 🧡💚 Will you help make a difference? Learn more here. 


Know a ’Cane or two? The best way to spread the word is by texting the 'Canes you know.

Hey [Name]! Tomorrow is UM’s Giving Day, and I am going to donate $15 to the [Fund Name] because [reason], and you should contribute, too! You can give at Givingday.miami.edu. Every gift matters! [Name, Class of XXXX]

I gave to [_School/area_]  for #OneDayOneU! Now it is your turn to show your 'Canes pride.  🙌 Your donation today helps empower the future of our @univimiami students. Donate to any cause you are passionate about and make a positive impact. 🧡💚 Donate here.


Hi [First Name],

I am excited to share that I will be support the University of Miami for One Day, One U by taking on the role of an ambassador. For 24 hours, ’Canes around the globe will unite to support the areas of the University that mean the most to them.

I need your help to make a difference!

On October 12, we hope to get 3,000 ’Canes to support the U. Your contribution, big or small, can help us meet this goal.

I will be donating to [Name of fund/cause] because [reason].

Please save the date and join me in being a Giving Day ambassador.

[Name, Class of XXXX]



Today we celebrate #OneDayOneU, the University of Miami’s Giving Day, and I’m asking you to join me in supporting the areas of the university that mean the most to you. We need all ’Canes to help us reach an ambitious goal of 3,000 donors in just 24 hours.

We want to show the world the strength of the ’Canes network when we come together to support our institution’s mission to transform lives through education, research, innovation, and service.

Please join me in making a gift of any amount and share the day on your social media platforms using the #OneDayOneU hashtag.

[About your support]

[Name, Class of XXXXX]


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